Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Mind Blowing Product #5: Tom Ford Eye Color Quad in 05 Silvered Topaz

Isn't she lovely, isn't she wonderful!

Now I get it! Tom Ford, you have done the world a whole lotta good, AGAIN!  Silvered Topaz has rapidly become one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE eyeshadow palettes in the history of makeup! And the thing I'm mostly surprised by is that you know, at the end of the day, it is just a plain taupe based color selection (well, not plain, but somewhat basic, shade-wise, if you know what I mean), who would have guessed that I would love a taupe palette!

Silvered Topaz has 2 slightly shimmery but more satiny shades, a real hardcore glitter, and a matte. So for finishes variety, Mr Ford gets an A+! As for pigmentation, these shades are packed full with pigment, they are rich and intense, yet soft and uplifting, again, an A+ without a doubt! I must also tip my hat to Mr. Ford for scoring another A(-) in the no fallout department, and that baby (-) is just because I found a couple specks of glitter on my face while applying the glitter! But really, I can put a tissue underneath, or do my foundation later, its just no big deal!

As for the particular shades in the palette, it includes, as mentioned 4 shades. It has a matte brown, a glittery silver champagne, a frosty satiny silver with what I feel like a bit of blue and green mixed into it, somehow (might just be my imagination), and then a mauve rosy taupe. The colors go really well together and they blend superbly together as well as on their lonesome selves! They give a really "shiny" effect, especially if you base the look on the two satin finished shades, which is what I have done during the time of my having it! The matte brown can be used as a liner too, which I like for daytime purposes, but if I want to jazz it up a notch, I'll blend it through the outer V and the outer part of my crease/socket area!

terrible lighting: taken at 4 am! #Working7DaysAWeek

In a nutshell, this is a palette that'll make you struggle to put it down, its the kind you cant help but feel smitten by it every time you use it! I didn't even expect to love it when I asked my aunt to buy it for me from the states, I was practically gambling, and I won! I love it so much and I give it an A+++++++...! You'll see me using this in plenty of tutorials in the future! And to end, I have to publicly ask Mr. Ford to make me a MRS. Ford too, I freaking love this man!

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